Betfred Irish Lotto

Referred in Ireland as ��Lucky Numbers’, the Irish Lotto gamble is a type of lotto game based on the national Irish Lottery outcome. It has 45 numbers, where you can select up to five numbers in each game. Depending on the number of the gambler’s picks that match those drawn at random, payouts between £5.50 and £100,001 are made.

The Irish lotto bet version is played in the United Kingdom is managed by 49s Ltd, a firm registered in Wales and England, with its headquarters in London. Wagers are permitted at participating bookmakers, online lottery sites and betting shops such as those offered by William, coral, Ladbrokes, Betfred Irish lotto, Jennings and many others.

The Irish lotto gamble games are carried out twice every week to coincide with the real draws of the state Irish lottery on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Three draws are conducted each day, comprising the main draw, a 2nd draw as well as a 3rd draw. Just 6 balls and a bonus ball are drawn from the available 45 numbered balls for each draw.

Players have the choice of betting on either the 7- number draw or 6- number draw, and this comprises the bonus ball. In the previous case, from the first six figures to be drawn, players pick up to five numbers. In case all of the numbers selected are successful, payouts are done at fixed odds and this is listed on the table below, which is based on £1 bet

Play and match

7-numbers draw

6-number draw

1 numbers



2 numbers



3 numbers



4 numbers



5 numbers




As the table shows, a £3 play on 4 numbers would win £6,501 x 3=£19,503 in the draw of six number or £3001×3=£9003 in the 7-number draw. To win amount comprise the first stake, however, payouts and bets may vary from place to place, and therefore players are advised to confirm with the local bookmakers in their areas for specifics.

Among the different rules that is applicable to Irish Lotto gambling, all betters must be put by 7pm on the draw day, before the main draw of the National Irish Draw at 7.45pm. Any gambler permitted after the specified deadline will be invalid. In the incident of the 3rd, 2nd or the main draw not scheduled on either a Saturday or Wednesday, the wage will stand on the subsequent draw to occur unless annulled by mutual approval from the bookmaker.

Outcomes are displayed in gambling shops every day. Besides, they are printed in the Irish press and you can be confirmed online at website of Betfred Irish lotto. Another way of finding out the winning numbers is by calling Irish lotto Bet on 08718778899.

To people relying on waging patterns to choose numbers for Irish Lotto bet can consult Betfred Irish websites for the ��hot and Cold’ numbers list. The coldest and hottest numbers based on the outcomes against the most current four weeks are shown, along with a table indicating the outcomes for all 45 numbers.



What is the Irish Lotto

The Irish Lotto which started in April 1988 to replace the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes is a 6 /45 lottery game with a guaranteed starting jackpot of at least 2,000,000 Euros and in case the jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the next draw. This has seen the jackpot soar to figures of over 5,000,000 Euros. The Irish Lotto draw takes place twice every week, every Wednesday and Saturday. The largest jackpot prize ever won was 18.9 million Euros won in 28th June 2008 by colleagues from a quarry and concrete firm in Bennekerry.


How the Irish Lottery Works


The Irish Lotto is won by selecting six randomly drawn numbers ranging from 1 to 45 and matching all of those numbers. The odds of matching these numbers in a single entry 1 in 800,000,00. Participants are allowed to play two entries per ticket. An extra ” seventh number” awards prizes to participants if matched. The bonus number is irrelevant as far as the jackpot prize is concerned and is meant to offer consolation prizes to participants who fall off the jackpot mark. The Irish Lotto has produced two spin off games since inception, Lotto Plus and Lotto 5-4-3-2-1


Lotto Plus


For an extra 0.25 pounds per line, participants are allowed to enter their Lotto numbers in an additional 6 /42 drawing for a fixed 250,000 pounds jackpot. This jackpot is non-rolling. In the recent past, additional drawings named Lotto 1,and Lotto Plus 2 have been introduced. This raised the cost of Lotto Plus to 0.50 Euros per line. At inception jackpots for these two Lotto was fixed at 300,000 pounds and 200,000 pounds respectively. The jackpot was however raised in 2006 to 350,000 pounds and 250,000 pounds respectively when the National Lottery adopted a 6/45 matrix.


Lotto plus players can win small prizes for match-5 +bonus, match 5, match-4 +bonus, match-4 and match-3 + bonus. The odds of winning the jackpot and other prizes in a Lotto Plus game remain the same as the odds in the main lotto game. Majority of participants in the Irish Lotto play the Lotto Plus game.


Lotto 5-4-3-2-1


Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 allows participants to win prizes by correctly matching one,two,three, four, or five of the numbers drawn. The more the numbers a participant matches, the greater the prize. Participants have the luxury of making their choices based on a six number game excluding the bonus number or a seven number game including the bonus number.


The Quick Pick Feature helps participants who do not want to pick their numbers by randomly generating the numbers for them. This is known as quick pick and advance play.